Getting ready to learn to Drive

The leagal minimum age before you can learn to grive in the UNited Kingdom is 17. If you are disabled AND get mobility allowance you can learn to drive at the age of 16.

Before you even think about getting behind the wheel of a car there are a number of things you must do....

  • You must have a provisional driving licence for the vehicle you intend to learn on. The current cost of a provision licence for cars & motorcycles is £38
  • You must complete a driving licence application form D1 - you can get these from the postoffice

When you send off for your licence you must enclose original documentation proving your identity. The checks carried out by DVLA for driving licence applications have really been tightened up since the introduction of the new photocard licences.

Learner Drivers who now apply for driving licences are now asked to submit original documentation to proove they are who they say they are.

The following documentation is accepted by DVLA for identity:

  • Full Valid Current Passport
  • Birth Certificate Certificate of Registry of Birth ( your name must be present on the certificate)
  • Adoption certificate
  • ID Card issued by a member state of the EC/EEA
  • Travel Documents issued by the Home Office Certificate of Naturalisation or Registration

If you have changed your name for any reason and different to the name on the documents you must also supply original documentary evidence to confirm your change of name


  • Marriage Certificate
  • Decree Absolute or Decree Nisi papers
  • Deed Poll or Statutory Declaration.

You are not allowed to drive a vehicle until you have received your first licence and you have signed it in ink.

Starting to learn to drive